What is a Straight Stairlift?

A Straight Stairlift is mounted onto a staircase that does not bend or turn, and is the most budget-friendly option for stairlifts. Straight stairlifts travel the length of the staircase in a straight line with no turning of the rail in any fashion. These systems are mass produced, come in a kit format, are often stocked and ready for quick installation. When RIGHT NOW Mobilty installs Straight Stairlifts, we custom cut the rail to fit the site location for the perfect installation. 

What Straight Stairlift Options Are Available?

Due to the mass production of straight rail stairlift systems, selecting a custom rail color is not possible. Straight rail stairlifts also do not offer expanded seat options, except for models where the arms can be adjusted for width. RIGHT NOW Mobility's Stairlift Specialists can review the options available for straight rail stairlifts to determine what features provide the best solution for your specific needs.  

Flip up Rails are used when the bottom landing is a hallway that has foot traffic passing by and the rail will be a trip hazard to the user of the stairlift and other in the home.  The Manual Flip up requires a person to bend over and lift the rail up to get it out of the way, while the Automatic model is pushed down and pulled up by the stairlift as it moves up and down the staircase.

Extension Brackets are usually required when there is a door at the top of the staircase that blocks the staircase, such as a basement door closing off the basement to the main floor of the home.  

Power Swivel Seat is an option for someone who doesn't have the core strength to swivel the seat at the top of the staircase to exit.  As you ride the stairlift up the steps using the toggle switch the stairlift will stop when it reaches the top landing, to activate the power swivel seat just release the toggle and press it in the same direction again and the seat will twist around automatically.

Power Folding Footrest is used when the staircase is used by others not riding the stairlift and the rider is not able to bend over and lift the footrest, by raising the arm of seat, the footrest will raise up effortlessly.

No matter which type of stairlift you need, curved rail, outdoor, or a simple straight rail installation, RIGHT NOW Mobility is the company to call. One of our knowledgeable stairlift experts can come out to your home to evaluate your needs and give you options.


What brands do they carry?  Not all brands are created equal.  Right Now Mobility has chosen select brands to work with on Stairlifts, we stand 100% behind every lift we install.

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Savaria K2 Straight Stairlift

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