Stairlift Rental 

We Rent Stairlifts!

A stairlift is a motorized chair that rides up and down a rail which is mounted to your staircase.  They come in 3 different styles:  Straight Rail, Curved Rail, and Outdoor.

What type of stairlifts do we rent?

We only rent straight indoor stairlifts, if you need a curved stairlift those are custom made to only fit your staircase and can not be used in another home.  Outdoor Stairlifts are not common enough to be rented.

How does renting a stairlift work?

Give us a call and we'll walk you through the process, to start renting a stairlift you will pay a down-payment upfront this will include the first few months of rent, the installation fee and de-install fee.  After the minimum rental time is up you will be billed per month until you have us remove the stairlift from your home.

Which Stairlift will you provide me? 
We rent the Savaria K2 Straight stairlift, this stairlift gives you a 350 lb weight capacity, 2 wireless call/send remotes and arms that can be adjusted out to 20".  It provides all of the standard safety features in a stairlift, such as, retractable seat belt, carriage safety sensors, footrest safety sensors and a seat swivel safety.  The Savaria K2 Stairlift will fold up to a industry leading 10 3/4", which will allow the most open space for others not using the stairlift to get around when not in use.
How Soon can you install a rental stairlift? 
We keep stairlifts in stock for quick installations and can install as soon as tomorrow, give us a call for more information.

To learn more about the services available to you at RIGHT NOW Mobility, please contact us online or call us at 888-381-5820.

Savaria K2 Stairlift

You can not put a price on safety and peace of mind.  Right Now Mobility can install a Savaria K2 Stairlift in your home and keep your mind at rest knowing that the stairlift is going to work for years to come, and if something should happen to it, we will be right there to get it up and running again.