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4 Safety Risks In Your Aging Parent’s Home

4 Safety Risks In Your Aging Parent’s Home

There are a lot of amazing things about growing old. You get to spend time with your grandchildren, have time for vacations and are finally able to hang up your hat and enjoy retirement. Unfortunately, aging also brings the increased risk of limited mobility, poor eyesight, and difficulty with balance — all of which contribute to a risk of trips and falls.

A simple slip and fall that leads to injury can turn life upside down for an aging adult. If your parent or loved one is struggling with limited mobility, consider making these adjustments in the home to lower their risk of injury.

Remove Clutter

Unless you’re Marie Kondo, we all have some clutter in our homes. Whether there are shoes on the floor or stacks of books next to the couch, know that clutter is one of the most common reasons seniors trip and fall in their homes.

Find a place to store all loose items in the home that often find their way onto the floor. Consider purchasing a shoe rack or more shelving so the walkways stay clear and free of tripping risks. You can even help your loved one go through their belongings to find items to store in the garage or give to charity to reduce clutter.

Rugs And Carpets

While a nice Persian rug can really tie a room together, it can pose a risk to senior citizens. Since rugs create uneven walking surfaces, it’s easy for a foot to get caught along the edge of the rug, becoming a tripping hazard. Even smaller runner rugs can easily become bunched or loose under mobility aids such as canes or walkers.

Consider adding anti-slip guards under the rugs to prevent them from moving while being walked upon or removing any large rugs from the home to lower the risk of tripping and falling. While it might not be as aesthetically pleasing, it makes for a safer home.

Poor Lighting

Does your loved one’s home have light switches in inconvenient areas? Consider adding timers to the lights in the home so the lights will automatically turn on at certain times of the day or night.

Consider adding lamps or wall sconces to lower the risk of trips and falls over objects on the floor or bumping into furniture. This is great for poorly lit areas, but also consider adding these in the pathway from the bedroom to the bathroom for night-time safety.


Climbing stairs when mobility is limited adds a significant risk of dangerous falls, but suddenly losing access to the upper or lower levels of a home can keep a loved one from sleeping in their own bed, doing the laundry or even using the restroom.

While it’s not always realistic to move an aging parent to a one-story house, know there is an affordable alternative that will give them free rein of their home and lower their risk of injury: Stairlifts.

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