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If you are visiting our page, you or a loved one could be in need of a ramp.

Right Now Mobility can help you find the perfect ramp solution for your needs. We’ll need to gather information from you such as the length of time you will need the ramp, how many steps there are, whether you're using a Manual Wheelchair, Scooter or Walker to get up the ramp. If you're using a manual chair, will the person self-propel the chair up the ramp or will someone else push them up it? All of these answers will help us determine what type of ramp you need, portable or modular, the length of the ramp and whether you should purchase or rent the ramp.

A site visit from Right Now Mobility is the best way to obtain an accurate quote. We’ll get answers to the questions above, be able to see the terrain and measure to see what size ramp will fit in the yard.

image of wheelchair ramp

What Length of time will you need the ramp?

To determine which style of ramp will best fit your situation we need to determine how long you will need the ramp. If you're just trying to get Grandma over for Thanksgiving, a portable ramp could possibly be the best scenario for you. If you are needing a ramp because your loved one was paralyzed in a car accident, you would probably be looking for something more permanent.

How Many Steps are you Going Up?

This will determine the rise, The ADA Guidelines recommend for every 1 inch of rise the ramp is 12 inches long. Each step is typically 6-8 inches high, this will get us an estimated length of the ramp that could be needed. Measurements and a site visit will help us determine if there are any other factors that could cause the length of the ramp to change.

What is being used to get up the ramp?

Determining what the person is using to get up the ramp can tell us if we should recommend a shorter ramp or if we need to recommend a longer one. Most scooter and powerchair manufacturers recommend that ramp slopes should not fall below a 1:8 ratio, for every 1 inch of rise the ramp is 8 inches long. If the person is wheeling themselves up the ramp, a 1:8 ratio is much too steep and could be dangerous.

Some people don’t have the financial power to buy the ramp outright, Right Now Mobility offers financing for those who qualify.

Should You Rent or Buy the Ramp?

If you will need the ramp 6 months or longer it is more advantageous for you to buy the ramp versus renting it. When renting a ramp, you pay upfront for the installation, de-installation and the first month of rent. Some people don’t have the financial power to buy the ramp outright, Right Now Mobility offers financing for those who qualify so the ramp can be paid off over terms they can afford, contact Right Now Mobility for more information.

Type of Ramps We Install

Right Now Mobility installs Aluminum, Wood and Concrete ramps. Depending on the terrain, rise and yard space we may recommend one ramp type over the other. A site assessment will be required for an accurate quote on each type of ramp.

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Ramps can usually be installed in hours, not days, are maintenance-free and very customizable. There are options on the ramp surface, railings, and color, so it will blend into the surrounding area. Aluminum ramps can have a grated surface like Right Now Mobility’s XM Ramp, which allows water and light snow to fall through the surface. You can also get the ramp in a solid surface design which has no holes in it.

There are options on the ramp surface, railing, and color, so it will blend into the surrounding area.

image of wheelchair ramps

Wood Ramps

Wood Ramps are typically more expensive than their Aluminum counterpart.  Keep in mind that wood ramps can take 1-3 days to install. Some clients prefer the look and feel of wood. One of the advantages of wood ramps is they can be built to support extra weight, aluminum ramps typically hold up to 1000 lbs per section, wood ramps can be built to go higher.

Wood ramps do require maintenance, staining or sealing the deck every year and replacing damaged deck boards as needed. Wood ramps require footers dug for the support post, and when you no longer need the ramp you’ll need to pay someone to come out and remove a wood ramp.

Concrete Ramps

We use concrete ramps where there is a lower rise and the client wants a ramp that will blend in with the home and existing sidewalk. Concrete is very durable and will last a long time. It also blends in and doesn’t look as though there is a ramp at the house. Concrete ramps are usually more expensive than aluminum and wood and have the longest installation time.

To learn more about the services available to you at RIGHT NOW Mobility, please contact us online or call us at 888-381-5820.